Sport clam season to close at Point Whitney Lagoon and Point Whitney Tidelands




Action: Closes sport clam harvest at Point Whitney Lagoon and Point Whitney Tidelands.

Effective date: April 15, 2019 until further notice.

Species affected: All clams and mussels.

Location: Point Whitney Tidelands and Point Whitney Lagoon, Jefferson County.

Reason for action: Surveys indicate the clam population at these adjacent beaches has declined while recreational participation and catch has increased. The 2019 Point Whitney Lagoon and Point Whitney Tidelands clam and mussel seasons are structured to meet conservation objectives agreed upon with tribal co-managers. The oyster seasons on these beaches remain open until July 31.

Additional information: For more information regarding clam and oyster seasons on public beaches visit our website at

Information contact: Camille Speck, WDFW Port Townsend Office, 360-302-3030, ext. 313


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