E2 Armory Upper Receiver Review


In the quest to build the AR-15 of your dreams, there’s only so much you can do without quality rifle components. That’s why it’s such a special thing, as a gun enthusiast, to find developers that really care about quality workmanship. Because, ultimately, no matter how many rifles you build, you want the quality and reliability to be able to enjoy a long lifespan with your weapon.


Join us today for our official E2 Armory upper receiver review, and discover one of the best uppers for its price range we’ve had the pleasure of using this year.

The AR-15 Upper Receiver: A Closer Look

Let’s start today’s article with a short recap. The AR-15 upper receiver (usually referred to, simply, as an “upper”) contains the important parts of your AR-15 rifle. Components like your barrel, bolt carrier group, and gas key. The parts that make your rifle the thing it is? It protects and houses these things.


As with any other component in your rifle, there are many varieties available on the market. For the discerning rifle owner, it’s important to understand the differences between these uppers when building or buying your AR-15. Which brings us neatly to our next section: a full review of the A4 Upper Receiver Engraved Hard Coat Anodized, from E2 Armory.

The A4 Upper Receiver Engraved Hard Coat Anodized Review


I’ve been shooting AR builds for a long time, now. Even after many years in the business, though, I still find myself impressed, from time to time. And this part, from E2 Armory, is certainly impressive.


A high-quality, fully machined AR top, this hard coat anodized component is hard as nails, forged from T7075 Aluminum. But that’s to be expected: who buys a gun build, expecting it to be made out of soft metals?


What makes this a high-end component is the incredibly high-quality workmanship in its design. Take one part Certified MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodize Coating, add Flat Black Dye and a Non-Reflective, Nickel Acetate Seal and you’ve got a build any gun owner would be proud of. This is the kind of rifle quality you can feel from the second you first use it.


What I liked most about this AR-15 build was the consistency in its firing. There was no variation in the way it fires (barriung recoil, obviously), putting it on the same level as uppers three times as expensive. An inert ceramic media blast gives the entire product a gorgeous, uniform finish and, I’ll say it, the lasered E2 logo looks super pro.

E2 Armory Upper Receiver Review

Building the perfect AR-15 comes down to the right combination of quality parts and good, old-fashioned careful workmanship. You can put in all the hard work, time, and research you like, however, and still not get anywhere good without a high-quality component. That’s where parts like the ones in today’s E2 Armory upper receiver review get their chance to shine. Whether it’s their upper or lower receiver range, however, one thing’s clear: E2 Armory is making a big impact on the AR market right now.

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