How to Catch Catfish on a Pond

Pond fishing is one of the most laid back types of fishing. The reason that pond fishing is easier than other types of fishing is because the fish are trapped, and the owner of the pond can easily manage the size, health, and types of fish in the pond. Also, after fishing in a pond for just a few hours, it is easy to tell where the fish are located and what they like to eat. Another reason that pond fishing is great is because it is easy to learn. The best place to learn to fish is on a pond because it is easy to catch fish. That is why kids are often taken to ponds for their first fishing experience. If you want to take your kid fishing, it is important to make sure he or she has a kids fishing pole. Kids fishing poles can be found at your local convenient store. These fishing poles and reels are very short, light, and hard to tangle.


The biggest fish that you can catch in a pond are catfish. Catfish are often found in the deeper parts of the pond because they like to stay cool. The best location to find a catfish is along the bank in a deep hole. Catfish nest in these holes and only come out to find food.


One important aspect to fishing for catfish in a pond is to use the right bait. The best bait to use for catfish is a small bug or a lure that looks like a small bug. You can often find this bait at a local bait shop or gas station. The best type of worm for catching both catfish and bass is called a night crawler. A night crawler is a large worm that is so big that it can be cut in half. After hooking the bait, be sure to let the bait or lure fall to the bottom of the deep pool where you are fishing, and keep the bait close to the shore along the bank.


Let the worm, crawfish, or cricket sit on the bottom of the pond. Be sure to jiggle the bait every so often to make the catfish think that the bait is alive. Eventually, if your bait is not taken, a catfish will try to eat the bait.  When you feel a catfish bite town on the bait, immediately jerk up the rod. This is called setting the hook. Setting the hook pills the hook further into the fish’s mouth and allows the barb to pull through the mouth and set.


If you want to be guaranteed a catfish, then be sure to fish on a pond that is stocked. Many owners actually buy fish from a fish farm and stock their pond with the fish that they want. Also, they will often feed the fish with automatic feeders. These feeders are great because they allow the catfish to grow to large sizes. This makes it fun to fish on a pond because you have a chance to catch a true monster.

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