Marine Area 9 salmon season to re-open February 16th




Action: Marine Area 9 will re-open Feb.16. The daily limit for hatchery chinook salmon in Marine Area 9 will be 1 chinook, with an overall 2-salmon limit. All coho and wild chinook salmon must be released.

Effective Date: Feb 16 through April 15, 2017.

Species affected: Salmon

Location: Marine Area 9 within Puget Sound, excluding year-round fishing piers.

Reason for action: Test fishery data collected during January and February indicate there are fewer juvenile (sublegal-size) chinook salmon present in these waters. In addition, sufficient capacity exists to re-open the fishery within the guideline of 6,081 “chinook encounters” – including both retained and released fish – agreed to by the tribal co-managers before this year’s fishery began. Delaying the opening to mid-February allowed the state time to determine a reopening date that will give anglers opportunity later into the spring.

Other information: WDFW will continue to monitor the fishery and will work with sportfishing advisors to determine if any other modifications are necessary to achieve a maximum season in Marine Area 9. Edmonds Public Fishing Pier is unaffected by this rule change and specific regulations for the pier can be found in the Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.




    1. Isn’t it interesting how complicated it’s become? I would think that over all limit in this case means you’re allowed one hatchery Chinook and possibly one salmon of another species like Pink, Sockeye or Chum. not to exceed 2 salmon in a singles days limit. Release coho and wild chinook.

      Then again that’s my interpretation, a game wardens could be completely different.

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