Middle Yakima River spring chinook fishery to close


WDFW Fishing Rule Change


Action: Closes the middle section of the Yakima River to fishing for hatchery spring chinook salmon.

Species affected: Spring chinook salmon.

Location: From the Interstate 82 bridge at Union Gap (river mile 107.1) to the BNSF railroad bridge approximately 600 feet downstream of Roza Dam (river mile 127.8).

Date:  Monday, July 10, 2017.

Reason for action: Spring chinook daily counts at Roza Dam have declined substantially, signaling the end of the run. Fishing effort and catch has also declined in recent days.  Salmon fishing will remain open through Sunday, July 9.

Information contacts:  John Easterbrooks, Regional Fish Program Manager, (509) 457-9330 (Yakima) or Eric Anderson, District 8 Fish Biologist, (509) 457-9301 (Yakima).



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